Subject: Rebuilding Fort Hawkins
Author: Connie Hartley
Date:   6/14/2011 4:03 pm EDT
I visited Fort Hawkins today, Flag Day, and it was exciting. Marty Willett told those of us visiting that there were plans for a wall to be built around Fort Hawkins, plans for a Visitors Center, and a gift shop. He has several other plans he wants to implement for Fort Hawkins also.

In the archaeological dig there at the fort, they found a double brick fireplace along with some other findings.

I read an article that was on display, located on the second floor of the blockhouse, about students getting a flag flown at Fort Hawkins. Those students were from my old high school, Cross Keys Christian Academy. In the article, they stated why they wanted a flag with 15 stars instead of the 50 stars to fly over the fort. I'm glad they did this!

I can't wait to see the wall go up and those buildings take shape for a visitor center and gift shop.
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