Subject: RE: Rebuilding Fort Hawkins
Author: Marty Willett
Date:   6/30/2011 5:22 pm EDT
Visitors to the 9th Annual Fort Hawkins 4th of July Celebration on Monday
will enjoy more than great early American history, music, and sweet treats.
They will also see for the first time since the 1820's what the fort's ten
foot palisade wall would have looked liked. Fort Hawkins Commission Project
Coordinator is shown by the recently completed eight foot section along the
original line of the east palisade wall by the 1930's Blockhouse Replica.
"With the archaeological dig returning this October to complete the outer
palisade wall documentation, which will lead to the complete demonstration
palisade wall's construction next year, we wanted to show the public for the
first time what this palisade might have looked like because there is more
to Fort Hawkins than the single blockhouse seen today!" Willett stated.
This year's July 4th Celebration will feature tours of the three story
Blockhouse Replica and archaeological dig site, fiddle music by Sue Tomlin
and Ed Morgan, lemonade, cookies and an old fashion watermelon cutting.
Col. Benjamin Hawkins, in his red, white & blue uniform will address the
crowd at 1:00 pm and share his service on Gen. George Washington's staff
during the American Revolution and explain why the 15 star spangled banner
from the Second War of Independence is flying above the fort on this special
day. After the Colonel's patriotic remarks, all local candidates will be
invited to speak on how they plan to help Macon and Fort Hawkins. Come
celebrate America's Birthday at Macon's Birthplace!
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