Subject: RE: July 4th Celebration
Author: Marty Willett
Date:   7/7/2011 3:13 pm EDT
FHC Friends - The 9th Annual Fort Hawkins 4th of July Celebration was another rousing success with a great crowd, with great responses from the public, three local candidates speaking, and some really nice coverage as you can see by clicking on the WMAZ super patriotic piece below. WMGT did a superb job with their coverage of the diverse crowd and FOX did a nice short piece. The Telegraph was there and I have asked Charles Richardson to consider publishing Col. Hawkins Address (attached above & edited down a whole page from last year's!) in the next Telegraph Sunday Perspective as worthy and amazing local history. Thanks so much to Echo & Lynn for running the Friends booth, to Sandra for receiving the many guests into the Blockhouse (and keeping the lemonade & cookies going), to my sons James & Ian for keeping the oh so sweet watermelons (Cordele's finest!) sliced & served, to Tim & Adam & Lisa for pitching in everywhere today (+ Lisa's photos to come of course), to Sue & Ed for their magical music that fits our occasion so well, to all the FHC Members & Fort Friends who attended , and to a very special guest , former FHC Chairman Bob Cramer - plus the weather somehow cooperated all the time! You should be delighted that after the festivities were over, Col. Hawkins personally delivered our left over melons to a fort neighbor's backyard BBQ with 30+ family members on Church Street, to the Macon Rescue Mission, and the Salvation Army Shelter - with all groups joyous to celebrate the 4th in such a juicy way from such a historical character (and all appreciate Fort Hawkins more!). - Marty

Elaine C wrote:
What time are the times for the 4th of July Celebration. Thanks,
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