Subject: RE: Rebuilding Fort Hawkins
Author: Marty Willett
Date:   1/13/2012 10:23 pm EDT
Fort Hawkins news is great start to 2012
By Larry Fennelly - Special to The Telegraph
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Important developments are slated this year for Maconís Fort Hawkins. As the War of 1812 bicentennial celebration begins across the country, Marty Willett, project officer for the restoration efforts of this local treasure, has announced that the historic site will be open each weekend this year free of charge.
Willet also has announced that the special candlelight tours of the blockhouse will continue each Saturday and Sunday through the end of January. Later this year, reconstruction of the palisade walls is scheduled to begin, as well as the ground breaking for the siteís visitorsí center.

While most people forget that Macon owes its existence to Fort Hawkins, Willett points out that this location was the most significant outpost in the entire southeast during the War of 1812.
Given the fortís location just across from the entrance to the Ocmulgee National Monument, Iíve long wondered why Macon has failed to capitalize on the presence of this related historic site. With Willettís passion and ebullience, it finally seems that the Fort Hawkins Commission is bringing this treasure into its rightful place of prominence.
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