Subject: RE: Genealogy at Fort Hawkins
Author: Frank McKinney
Date:   2/28/2020 4:51 pm EDT
The Joseph McKinney mentioned at the end of this article was my ggggrandfather. He was born 1784 in SC and died abt 1850 in Alachua County, FL. His father was Joseph McKinney Sr, originally from Edgefield Co SC. Joseph Sr was the son of Benjamin McKinney and Rachel. If anyone knows more about this family, please contact me.

Excerpt from:
Major James H. Patton
Submitted by Scott B. Thompson, Sr.
4th Great Grandson of Major James Patton
President, Laurens County Historical Society
Life Member, Friends of Fort Hawkins

In the year 1826, Major Patton was living on a tract of land located on the southeast side of Swift Creek in Land Lot 117 of the 7th Land District of Twiggs County. The land became part of Bibb County in 1823. Today the site located across the creek from the site of Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company's plant. It was located on the waters of what became White Elk Spring Lake or Edward's Lake. The Edwards family owned a large tract of land in the area. Part of their land was taken in by Camp Wheeler. Harry Stillwell Edwards, who owned the land for many years, was a nationally renowned author of Southern Literature. This land, which originally belonged to Joseph McKinney, was sold to Zachariah Lamar in 1826 for $309.00.
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