Subject: James
Author: Frank W
Date:   5/30/2010 0:02 am 
I will truly miss James' presence in the rooms of Boca Raton Alcoholics Anonymous. I know though that his spirit will live on. So many of us who were fortunate enough to spend time with him over the past several years will continue to spread the message that was passed on to us by him. James used to tell me, "Stay away from the gin, Frankie!" when I first came into the rooms. Then it was things like, "You can't be doing that...that's not the sober thing to do." He taught me that this whole thing was more than just not drinking. It's about changing our lives and positioning ourselves to be of maximum service to our fellows and to God. I am so grateful to have been part of his family in AA. The things that my sponsor passed on to me, things that James had passed on to him, have changed my life dramatically. I love James very much and am honored to pass on his brand of AA, our brand of AA, to the newcomer who is still sick and suffering.
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Frank W 5/30/2010 0:02 am 
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