Subject: RE: My First Show 11.18.95
Author: Nave
Date:   1/4/2009 11:39 pm EDT
Charlotte 95. What a blast. I concur that Phish was a special experience for all who had the pleasure of experiencing the band's live shows. This was my first show as well. I was 14. Yeah, don't ask me how I talked my parents into letting me go to a concert on a school night while i was still in middle school, but it somehow happened. "The Hive was Alive!" That's what us Charlotteans called The Charlotte Coliseum that The Charlotte Hornets played their home games in. And that was the beginning of a long journey that sent me from coast to coast, and even into Canada to see the band that I thought was the best 4 musicians to ever play together.

I remember the the "slow" Poor Heart, that was rather unusual to hear. I haven't heard a version of this song played like this before, and it dawned on me that these guys really have something new in store for their fans every single night! The community in the parking lot welcomed me with open arms, even though I must have looked like I wasn't old enough to possess a NC drivers license yet. Maze rocked my world, and 2001 was the epitome of my first show.

Now 14 years and 75 show later, I still will never forget the experience that led to my lifestyle for the next 10 years. Charlotte will always be a special place for me, and Phish will forever be in my memories when the Charlotte Coliseum is brought up.
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