Subject: How to sneak into Hampton.
Author: cason
Date:   12/7/2008 1:12 pm EDT
In order to sneak into Hampton you will need the following items;

Black waterproof clothing, a wet suit works well.

A pair of binoculars.

A black inflatable raft, think Navy Seals.

Small wooden paddle.

A grappling hook with about 50 feet of rope, think Batman.

Now what you want to do is wait till it gets dark and the doors are about to open. Hampton Coliseum is bordered on one side by a large pond. When the security team sets up their perimeter, they will not allow you to approach the pond from the lots but they leave the back of the coliseum wall wide open. in order to access the lake you must come from the highway. get a taxi to put you out on the side of the highway behind the coliseum at about 6:00. with all the commotion of the doors opening the security will not be focused on the back of the building at all. next, sneak stealthily into the water. as you paddle your way across the pond, use you your binoculars to check along the top of the wall. sometimes a few sentries are posted along the wall and it is important to remain hidden lest your cover be blown. pick an empty spot on the wall and paddle your boat to shore in front of the unprotected portion. pull your boat on shore and unwind your grappling hook. this step must be done with speed as someone dressed in all black with a grappling hook is bound to attract attention. quickly strip off your wet suit revealing your dry clothes underneath. it is best to dress as you normally would if you were going to phish show so you blend in once over the wall. now, hurl your grappling hook over the wall and pull until taught. you should practice your technique so that you can get it hooked the first or second try. now climb as fast as you can. once over the wall safely onto the outdoor smoking platform you should walk calmly to the glass doors avoiding eye contact with security and staff. now go enjoy the show!!!
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