Subject: Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Davie, FL is offeri
Author: Adriana Schaked
Date:   7/2/2010 2:27 pm EDT
Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Davie, FL is offering a unique way to celebrate July 4th!

Try out their Patriotic Cheesecake Ganache or Red, White and Blue chocolate covered Pretzels Rods.
Schakolad is open on Independence Day if you want ice cream, coffee, chocolate covered strawberries and frozen bananas, or any other unique chocolates.

They are located east of University Drive on Nova Drive in Davie, FL. Call 954.472.6155 or visit www.schakolad.com/store20 for more information.
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 Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Davie, FL is offeri    
Adriana Schaked 7/2/2010 2:27 pm EDT
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