Subject: RE: Missing Melanie
Author: Sarah Schmidt
Date:   3/19/2009 3:54 pm EDT
Dear Mrs. Thornton,

I just wanted to say: Congratulations!

Congratulations to this wonderful and beautiful daughter! I have always been and I am still a very big fan of Melanie. She was such a great person, even though I didn`t know her in person. But her voice, her face, her style - everything was just great. I love her music, I love watching her videos, I love seeing old interviews - seeing her wonderful smile. I can only imagine how kind and loving she was. I will alwyas think of her as a big idol for me. Thank you for giving her to this world...

So, I feel with you. You have all of my respect and sympathy.

Sincerely yours, lovely greetings from Germany


(I am sorry if my English isn`t so good, but I hope You will understand what I mean, and what I`m trying to tell you)

Last but not least: This foundation is a very good idea and will try to help, too. Although I am in Germany... I think it`s great and we will keep her memory and spirit alive! Just like you said...
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