Subject: Chelation treatments
Author: Tom Nations
Date:   1/27/2011 2:14 pm PDT
Dear Sirs;I have heard about poisoning of the people of the Gulf states area from the oil and dispersants. Has anyone thought of chelation treatments for those persons who are sick? I understand that they have an E.D.T.A. suppository on the market that will do the work of the old I.V. technique. The advertisement said that thirty suppositories would be equal to ten I.V. treatments. I think the name was Detoxamin. That is a lot cheaper than the I.V. but it is still expensive for people who don't have anything. I pray that some good samaritan might donate some of the treatments to the people who need it. It might be possible to contact the Detoxamin Company themselves and see if they would furnish it on a humanitarian gesture?? I also don't know if the E.D.T.A. would remove the poisons, other than heavy metals. I don't know if this will help, or not but thought I would pass it on. Best to all concerned! Sincerely,
Tom Nations
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 Chelation treatments    
Tom Nations 1/27/2011 2:14 pm PDT
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