Subject: RE: Hello Tom Brett from Tom Brett
Author: Tom Brett
Date:   3/14/2015 0:54 am EDT
Tom, I just saw this message. Shows you how often I check my message board. I am from Ireland, came here in 1973 aged 20. I have a full time job as an Investigator for the Camden County Sheriff's Office in Camden, New Jersey. The music is now part time. Sometimes solo, sometimes with others, usually a duo. You are fully into it I see. I would love to see your family perform. Hopefully one day I will. I run a tour once a year to Ireland and bring 25-30 people for a week of merriment and fun. It's all on my web site I must check your web site and see where you are going in 2015.

Take care and keep in touch. Regards to you and your family. The other Tom Brett
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