Subject: RE: BROL Readers
Author: Rafael Giraldo
Date:   6/20/2009 2:08 am EDT
Hello Jim,

I want to thank you and all the BROL Readers for your prayers and amazing support. Please accept my apology if I have yet to make direct contact. The fact of the matter is that I wanted to make substantial progress prior to engaging in dialog. As this is my first time trying to accomplish a journey of this magnitude, I feel it is important to first prove myself to a certain degree. In the first stages of a tour such as this, one has to remain with all energies focused on the target. From what I have read, you guys are quite seasoned and I pale in comparison to the level of expertise you possess. Having said this, I will honor your request and will drop in to converse with you when I arrive to Eureka or Ely. By then, I will have covered a bit more ground and will be closer to the Nevada Utah border.

Thank you again.

Sincere regards to you and all your friends,

Rafael Giraldo
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Rafael Giraldo 6/20/2009 2:08 am EDT
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Rafael Giraldo 6/21/2009 4:30 pm EDT
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