Subject: New Videos - Week 2 - Part 2 & BROL Readers
Author: Rafael Giraldo
Date:   6/21/2009 4:06 pm EDT
Dear Readers:

Wishing all fathers a happy Father's Day! New videos have been uploaded. Check them out at: Part 2 - Videos 8 -14 - Nevada

Today, I make my way to Ely from Eureka. It is an 80 mile leg. I will have to camp along the way. I pray this time no coyotes come to visit.

As always, thank you for your prayers, generous comments, financial support, and words of encouragement. To complete this journey, all of these are needed.

Sincere regards,

Rafael Giraldo

P.S. Added the BROL Readers to my Sponsors page. You can check this out at:
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 New Videos - Week 2 - Part 2 & BROL Readers    
Rafael Giraldo 6/21/2009 4:06 pm EDT
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