Subject: Political Ads Similarity
Author: Margaret Giraldo
Date:   6/22/2009 8:34 pm EDT
Monday, CNN, 8:15 pm,SO. FL. time, a pleasant evening after a day of temperatures of 94 degrees and humidity to beat the band, saw a political ad about health care (maybe?) with pictures similar to some of Rafael's, road signs with "fixed up" messages, terrains a la Nevada, I took a double take while working here and watching through the corner of my eye: Rafael, maybe a new plan? Creating political ads with your photos....NO WAY!!! Have been tracking all day, got my bets on a little place called RUTH, before Ely. Good luck, y como siempre, adelante, peregrino Rafael!
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 Political Ads Similarity    
Margaret Giraldo 6/22/2009 8:34 pm EDT
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