Subject: RE: tire wear
Author: Jim Artis
Date:   7/9/2009 9:01 pm EDT
Hi Rafael,

Here is an expert opinion from one of my colleagues:

Been following your posts about the guy riding cross country. Good reporting! I was looking at that picture he took of his tire. It struck me as weird that it is gone so soon in his journey, especially considering that Lucinda ran the same tires with absolutely no trouble. I can see why he has trouble! He is seriously toed in too much. I can see a feather edge along the inside edge of the inside "grooves". This says that the tire is scrubbing in a toe-in condition. If you have contact with this guy, tell him this will happen again just as soon. Have him get the toe reset.

Keep the reports coming! Thanks for doing this for all of us!


Good day of riding. CONGRATS!

I've posted Bruce's msg on BROL and my blog. Take care & the best to you...

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