Subject: Riding Partner
Author: Jim Artis
Date:   7/29/2009 6:49 am EDT
Good Morning Rafael,

I have a another Catrike Owner and Catrike Message Board rider/trike builder [his online name] who lives in Kansas City and wants to ride with you [for a couple of days even]. He can give you mechanical aid if needed. Here is his not to me last night.

"Hi, Jim

Does he need anything in the way of supply or parts or repairs? I figure I could take him whatever he needs that I can get my hands on, and ride with him a while, or if his trike needs any attention could help him at the end of a day's ride. I'm watching your posts on the Catrike forum to guage when he will be near here. I figure he's at least to Great Bend, Kansas tonight, the 28th, and estimating that he will be near Kansas City around Saturday. That would work well for me to meet up with him for two or three days to help him anyway I can. I'll be pulling Sierra [his dog] in her trailer, so I can't keep his pace very far. I figure to drive to his day's destination, unload the trike and trailer and ride toward him at a leisurely pace, then ride on in with him. Or, I can bring him anything he needs. I could even swap trikes to take his on ahead to work on his if needed. Do you know his X-seam? I could take a couple of trikes, with one of them set up to fit him. I'll be carrying my tools. I'll be watching, so let me know as much as you can about his needs. -- Bruce"

We had contact just after your tire problem in Utah with an offer to help. I have ridden with Bruce at the Catrike Rally at Winter Garden, Florida. Please let me know ASAP, so I can arrange a link up time & city. THANKS!

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