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 Subject: This place is sad :(
Author: Luke
Date:   1/31/2018 9:19 am YDT
I feel like this is a really good message board. I really want to talk to other BAD @#$&! haHAA.

I saw your business card and had to find your website even though it isn't on the business card so it was kinda hard to find.

Anyone else here a BAD mother @#$&! who wants to turn my SOFTware into HARDware, if you're smelling what I'm @#$&! ;)
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 This place is sad :(    
Luke 1/31/2018 9:19 am YDT
 RE: This place is sad :(   new  
Ethan 1/31/2018 9:45 am YDT
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