Subject: Elevator Terminology
Author: Charolette
Date:   2/29/2012 11:52 am CDT
Car Gate: Door or gate that is connected the car and travels with the car.

Car: Cab or finished portion of the elevator in which people ride.

Clear/Opening: Unobstructed space to enter/exit the elevator. For wheelchair accessibility, clear opening of the elevator is a minimum of 32".

Interlocks: Electrically wired lock in the hoistway door that prevents the door from opening when the elevator is not stopped at the landing. The elevator will not run unless all doors are closed.

Gearless Drive System: A counterweighted drive system connected to the car via wire ropes and sheaves.

Hoistway: An opening through a building or structure for the travel of elevators. Also called the elevator shaft.

Hoistway Door: Door opening to hoistway at a landing.

Jack (Hydraulic): A unit consisting of a cylinder equipped with a plunger or piston which applies the energy provided by a liquid under pressure.

Machine Room: This is a room constructed near the elevator hoistway to accomodate the drive system and electrical control box.

Overhead Clearance: Measured from the upper level floor to the lowest obstruction at the top of the hoistway.

Pit: Portion of a hoistway extending from sill level of lowest landing to the floor at the bottom of the hoistway.

Rail: The metal track that guides the elevator.

Roped Hydraulic: A drive system utilizing a hydraulic jack connected to the car wire ropes or indirectly coupled to the car via wire ropes and sheaves.

Sling: L-shaped heavy-duty metal support that the elevator car rests on. The sling travels up and down, carrying the elevator car.

Sheave: Pulley

Winding Drum: A geared drive machine in which the suspension ropes are fastened to and wind on a rotating drum.

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