Subject: RE: new adjusters
Author: Steve Greene
Date:   6/7/2010 10:35 pm EDT
Today, I finished AIT's Rope and Harness Certification. During the previous adjuster class when Terry Freeland mentioned in passing that in CAT Claim work we will visit the top of every roof on every house that we go to, my nerves were jumping, even though I had been building houses for over twenty five years. Looking around the houses in the Freeland's neighborhood, we saw cut up roof lines with mostly 10 and 12 pitches. Unless you are a roofer by Trade, I think there is usually a lot of anxiety for most of us about getting up on steep pitched roofs to take pictures and "mark wind driven rain damage".
After today's Rope and Harness Course taught by Rope and Harness expert Tim White and the "Papa Bear" himself Terry Freeland, I can honestly say that for the first time since wanting to become an adjuster, I feel comfortable with the challenge of going up any steep pitched roof slope. The training included: course work presentations on saftey and equipment, " hands on training " on how to secure your ropes, how to ascend and desend properly, and how to think and act safely when on a roof by yourself in a storm setting where you are the only help you might get.
This is an incredible one day course that is more than worth the money. I also took the Introduction to CAT Adjusting as well as the Exactimate 25 Training Couse from AIT. They were both taught in a small class atmosphere by professionals that know the business inside and out.If you have an interest in becoming and adjuster, you don't have to go to Texas anymore to get Adjuster Certificates. AIT is located in Lawrenceville, Georgia and I will highly recommend AIT Adjuster couses to anyone that is willing to work hard and needs professional guidance.
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