Subject: RE: new adjusters
Author: Derrick Freeman
Date:   6/18/2010 12:12 am EDT
I saw this post on craigslist late one night in the job section about adjuster training in my area,so I emailed them just to network a little because I had already had my adjuster license but fairly new to industry. This guy Terry emailed me back asap with his number I called we talked I told him about the class I attended and how I felt I didn't get what I paid for out of the class this guy was nice enough to let me tag along with him on a claim just to show me what I should do when I go to inspect a claim then to top it off he showed me tricks with Xactimate 25 that the class I went to never did...

Whats funny to me is that I saw Terry's training before I took the class I went and i made my decision off of pricing,my mistake should have just spent the money....

Terry is a good guy and a great instructor...

Terry Freeland wrote:
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