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 Subject: What Reforms Do We Need?
Author: Bill Cummings
Date:   4/5/2011 10:14 am EDT
To qualify my comment for consideration, I had two sons attend Fairfax County Public Schools, although they graduated a few years ago. I have also been closely following the accusation, trial, exoneration and post-trial treatment of FCPS teacher Sean Lanigan, who had been falsely accused by a student of inappropriate conduct last year. In the process of s shoddy investigation, a number of 12-year-old students at Centre Ridge Elementary School were interrogated by FCPD detectives, in some cases on multiple occasions, and usually without prior notification of parents. FCPS regulation 2616.6, Questioning of Students by Police, should have applied to these interrogations but both FCPS and Child Protective Services claimed they had a right to interview any student, any time, without reservation or prior notification of parents. FCPS administrators are essentially immune from prosecution for violating parents' rights. If there is an applicable regulation for police interrogations of children why shouldn't FCPS administrators follow it?
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Caroline Hemenway 3/3/2011 6:06 pm EDT
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Michael Byrnes 3/31/2011 9:26 pm EDT
 What Reforms Do We Need?    
Bill Cummings 4/5/2011 10:14 am EDT
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