Subject: Teen Tutorial Feedback
Author: Ellis
Date:   8/10/2017 6:16 pm EDT
This tutorial was extremely helpful, I learned a surprising amount from only the 3 chapters in the teen tutorial. My knowledge about nutrition was almost nothing, and now it's incredibly easy to read labels and decide what is acceptable to eat on a daily basis to ensure I can do the best thing for myself in later years. It was worth it to do the teen tutorial and I would highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn about basic nutrition or for those who would like to go more in depth, the complete tutorial. Despite only being 12, it was easy to understand and the information I learned will definitely stick with me. The questions could be a bit dull at times but it was worth it to stick around.
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 Teen Tutorial Feedback    
Ellis 8/10/2017 6:16 pm EDT
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