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 Subject:  Rom 1:1
Author:  dan p
Date:   5/27/2009 2:25 pm CDT
Hi to all , and Rom really lets us all know when the Body of Christ began .

1)Paul , a slave of Christ Jesus , a called apostle , having been separated for God's gospel .

2) The Greek word APHORIZO can also be translated by the words , Boundries, Separated , or by Limited .

3) The word APHORIZO , in in the Greek Perfect Tense , which means , Past Action with Continuing results .This means that when Paul is separated and that boundries were set and then Paul was limited to ONLY preach the Gospel of the Grace of God . Acts 20:24 .

4) It , is also in the Greek Passive Voice , which means that Christ was doing the action to Paul .

5) And it is also in the Greek Indicative Mood , which means that , it is a Fact that God put him into the ministry

6) The bottom line is that Paul could only preach the Mystery , and since he was limited to the Gospel of God , the Body of Christ began in Acts 9 .

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