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 Subject:  Paul's early Ministry
Author:  dan p
Date:   5/27/2009 2:42 pm CDT
Hi to all , and there are many Christian that believe that Paul and the 12 disciples preached the same message , and that can not be proven by scripture .

1) In Acts 21:18 , we see James and the elders talking to Paul , so the context is Jewish .

2) Then in v19 , Paul lets them know , of the results of his ministry among the Gentiles .

3) Then in verse 20 , James tells Paul of the thousands of Jews that are Zealous of the Law of Moses .So that means that the Jews are still Law keepers all the way thru Acts .

4) Then in v21 , James says to Paul that they the Jews are INFORMED of Paul that he TEACHEST all the Jews which are AMONG the Gentiles to FORSAKE Moses , saying that they OUGHT not to Circumcise their Children , Neither to walk after the Jewish Customs .

5) So we see that Paul's ministry in Acts 9:15 , was to the Gentiles

6) to Kings

7) To the Children of Israel

8)#1 But , Paul was teaching the Jews among the Gentiles .

9) #2 , teaching the Jews to FORSAKE Moses .

10) #3 , Ought not to Circumise .

11) #4 , not to walk after Jewish Customs .

12) Is Paul preaching the same message as the 12 disciples, I say Paul did not .

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