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 Subject:  What Paul could not preach
Author:  dan p
Date:   6/30/2009 4:36 pm CDT
Hi to all , and some dispensationalists especially Acts 28 , believers say that Paul Preached the gospel of the Kingdom in early Acts ,
1) I say , WRONG !!!

2)Let us see what Gal 1:22 ,23 say .

3) In v19 , Paul saw only James the Lord's brother and in v18 , was 3 1/2 years in Arabia .

4) Then in v22 , was unknown unto the churchs of Judaea WHICH WERE IN CHRIST , and how do handle this , " in Christ "

5) Then verse 23 , But they heard only , that he which persected us in times Past now Preacheth the faith which which once he destroyed .

7) It is obvious , since he was a Pharesees , he was killing those that 12 disciples were preaching to and were scattered abroard .

8) Then in Gal 2:18 , here Paul says , For if I build again the things which I DESTROYED , I make myself a transgressor .

9) And we see from Acts 21:21 that Paul was not preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom .

10) Paul was trying to destroye the " little flock " and not Christians , FOR THERE WERE NO CHRISTIANS in Acts until Acts 11 .

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