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 Subject: re enlist question
Author: HM2(FMF) Z
Date:   3/4/2011 9:12 pm AHST
Hello CCCs!

I have a question about re enlisting. I have been in the Navy for 7 years now and my end of contract is November 2011 with a 2 year extension until November 2013. I want to re enlist for 4 years before my extensions starts this November. I heard from my LPO that I can re enlist 4 years and it will cancel my extension.

Is this true or do I have to wait unti 2013 to re enlist?

I am not eligible for a bonus if that helps.

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HM2(FMF) Z 3/4/2011 9:12 pm AHST
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LS2 Jackson 5/6/2011 8:45 am AHST
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