Subject: Lost African Grey-Congo
Author: Lorena Carmina
Date:   10/13/2015 11:36 am PDT
Lost African Grey "Pierre"- last seen on Oct. 8, 2015 (escaped out of cage)in North Glendale, CA on Kenneth Rd. (between Pacific Ave. & Columbus Ave). Pierre is a nervous apprehensive bird who does not like being handled except for head tickles. $1,000 REWARD for safe return. Any sighting that leads to his rescue will be also be compensated to a lesser amount. Any help to bring him home will be immensely appreciated. Please do NOT contact me for the solicitation of a new bird purchase.
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 Lost African Grey-Congo    
Lorena Carmina 10/13/2015 11:36 am PDT
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Lorena Carmina 10/13/2015 11:42 am PDT
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