Subject: Twins looking 4 sibling/ Bioparents/born 5/31/1981
Author: Pamela Scheuermann/30/F
Date:   3/21/2012 3:35 am CDT
Hi, my twin sister and I were adopted out of Houma, La in 1982. I believe my adoptive parents didn't finish the adoption until they moved to Ft. Collins Colorado, so the adoption might be filed there? We are fraternal twins, black hair, black eyes, brown skin on one, light hair, hazel eyes, white skin on other. We weren't told a whole lot and at this point I am not sure what is truth and what is fiction. My bio mom supposedly was very young and already had another child a year or so older than us. We were told Bio mom and Dad basically abandoned us and when we finally made it to the hospital after being left, we were almost dead. I just would like to find any siblings and bio parents if they want to be found. I am not angry, just curious! Any information at all will help, thank you!
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 Twins looking 4 sibling/ Bioparents/born 5/31/1981    
Pamela Scheuermann/30/F 3/21/2012 3:35 am CDT
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