Subject: Cheryl Grayson
Author: Melinda Whalley Schneider
Date:   4/29/2014 1:07 pm 
LETTER TO THE EDITOR TODAY: White Bluff Elementary loses beloved staffer - CHERYL GRAYSON

Ride by and you’ll see a nondescript brick school building. But come inside White Bluff Elementary School and you will find a family.

For the past week our school family has struggled as we bid a sad goodbye to one of our most loved faculty members, Cheryl Virginia Grayson.

Cheryl, known as “Grayson,” was in her 12th year as a paraprofessional at White Bluff Elementary. She was an icon in our school, and almost everyone who worked with her has a “Cheryl story.”

Always dressed to the nines, Cheryl could look glamorous in a T-shirt and jeans. She had a way of loving each person as an individual and sent encouraging texts and Facebook messages if one of us was “down.”

Cheryl embraced her life and all those in it. She had pet names for most of us and was one of the few people that could get by with calling me, the school nurse, “Nursey.”

Her quick wit entertained us and brightened our days. She considered her school her family, and we considered her ours. Cheryl appreciated good conversation and was extremely knowledgeable about art and music. She once shared a poem with me that she wrote about a single flower, and how, though it bloomed alone, its beauty was magnificent for all who saw it.

For White Bluff Elementary, Cheryl was that single flower whose life brought beauty to those who knew and loved her. On behalf of the White Bluff family, rest in peace our friend. We will miss you.


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