Subject: Thank you for the part "New Stuff For Fans&qu
Author: Sebastian
Date:   5/13/2009 12:46 am EDT
I would like, really really really, to thank you for the part "New Stuff for Her Fans".
That's a great idea and of course a real happyness to see little seen picture.
Thanks again to her familly to share such picture.
We are lot of people around the world to love Melanie.
I guess there are some unreleased songs somewhere and I keep the hope that we could buy them some day.
I guess it's quite difficult nowaday to make another cd but there must be a solution, we could buy the mp3 for example. (as we did in 2007 for the 3 unreleased by Le Click)
Please, consider my idea,
I listen Melanie's songs very often, and she's still my sunshine everyday.
Sebastian from France.
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 Thank you for the part "New Stuff For Fans&qu    
Sebastian 5/13/2009 12:46 am EDT
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