Subject: Melanie
Author: Aubrey
Date:   8/8/2011 0:25 am EDT
I met Melanie in the 90's in Houston. I was 19 years old & they wouldn't let me in to see her. When she found out what was going on. She refused to sing unless I got in.I later spoke with her & about my music. She suggested I move to NYC.I did just that. It's been years & now I'm living in LA trying to pursue my dream.I will NEVER forget her & the brief time we shared together. She was wonderful. I think of her quite a bit & how that she went out of her way to stand up for someone she didn't know. She is truly gone too soon.It was my pleasure to meet her.

We Miss You Melanie,

XO Aubrey
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Aubrey 8/8/2011 0:25 am EDT
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