Subject: We hurt too
Author: C. Pinales
Date:   1/23/2012 7:41 pm EDT
I sit with a void in my heart everyday and a pain that I'm certain many others feel who have lost a loved one. My beloved brother my son to say was murdered in Berks County August 2010. I'm not from Berks County and don't know much of the place just that my brother engaged in behavior that was not conducive to him his families or the lives of many in Berks County. Despite the path of life he chose he was still someone son, father, brother and uncle and no one has ther right to be God. I sit with confusion and heartfelt anger at the justice system in Berks County. It's been a year in half and I still have no answers to tell his 5 children. No one returns my calls or letters. I know my brother caused havoc as some would describe it for Berks County residents and some would say its good for him, he deserved it, etccc. But know this my pain, my families pain is no different than some of you. My healing and the healing process of his children/ my family is at a halt and will continue to as long as his case remains unsolved. There wer over 200 people outside a bar when he was killed and despite all the leads I've gotten and have shared with the police nothing has prevailed. No one is coming forward and it seems like the police are not interested. I need people of Berks County to know my brother did not die in vain and justice will be sought for him. My voice soon will be heard in Berks County so be ready.
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 We hurt too    
C. Pinales 1/23/2012 7:41 pm EDT
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