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 Subject: Top Foot Pain. Need some help
Author: Landon
Date:   2/1/2010 8:15 am PDT
I'm a 22 year old male who is semi athletic.

I did something to my foot a few months back and it's been hurting a little bit. I got an x ray done and it's not broken. I was playing volleyball (ie. jumping up and down a decent amount) and I think that I might have strained a muscle or tendon on the top of my foot. The tightness/pain is behind the toes around the 3-5 metatarsal region on the top of the foot. Sometimes it hurts to walk on it and other times it doesn't, just as long as I am careful with it. My foot does not hurt to touch it or massage it, but if I bump it against something it hurts a bit. It does swell from time to time and gets warm in I used a little bit, but I am trying to stay off of it which isn't working too well.

Any ideas of what it might be or how severe the injury is?
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 Top Foot Pain. Need some help    
Landon 2/1/2010 8:15 am PDT
 RE: Top Foot Pain. Need some help   new  
Chris Dukarski ,PT 2/6/2010 2:23 pm PDT
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