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 Subject: Vinny Clark - Nam 1968
Author: Paul Romine
Date:   5/30/2016 5:50 pm EDT
I am trying to get information about Vinny Clark. He was killed in Aug. 1968 and I want to find out how he was killed. He and I were friends and drafted together in Indy and went thru basic and AIT and were in Germany together for a short time. After we went to Ft Lewis and then to Nam, he went with the 82nd and I to the 4th ID. We wrote to each other while in Nam and he said he got a pud job in base camp as a supply guy after being slightly wounded. Then the next thing I hear he has been killed.
If some one in his unit that knows the whole story..please set me straight and email me please.
Thinking about Vinny on Memorial Day
Paul Romine
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 Vinny Clark - Nam 1968  new  
Paul Romine 5/30/2016 5:50 pm EDT
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