Subject: Anniversary
Author: Don Stormer
Date:   3/18/2010 5:23 pm EDT
Today is hard. Every 18th of the month is hard as it marks the anniversary of the murder of my daughter. It is hard to concentrate on anything else. It is hard not to be angry. It is hard not to be cold. It is hard to remember the good times with the dark chamber which descends over me on the 18th. It is hard knowing that the persons responsible in our case have been caught and sentenced when so many of you , for whom I care about very deeply do not have that luxury. Although you do not have the legal closure, you may be lucky as once the appeals process ended last month, I find that in many, many ways, I am back to square one of the grieving process which we all know is so hard. In many ways I feel that you are lucky as you have an organization, founded under extreme hardships, which exists to support each other while my support from you comes long didtsnce.

I fervently wish all associated with Years of Tears, PEACE, LOVE and well DESERVED CLOSURE.
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Don Stormer 3/18/2010 5:23 pm EDT
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