Subject: Victims
Author: Don Stormer
Date:   5/22/2011 3:02 pm EDT
To all who share and will share what we have been through, Rose Kennedy was right when she said that time does not heal all wounds. The pain goes from a sharp stab in the heart to a quiet, dull, nagging pain, like a lingering headache. Many of you have met Donna and I, and you also know that in the past, I have been extremely vocal about the "Justice System(?)" in Berks County. As I read the Reading Eagle daily on line, I feel a sense of empathy for you as well as a sense of frustration on my part. The multiple trips to Reading, the interactions with CI(ret) Shenk and ADA Howard, although somewhat fruitful, have left a void in my life. Apparently I could not advpcate strongly enough for Shawnee, or DA Adams chose to ignore our feelings as parents of a murder victim. Not only do we suffer the pain of the murder of our daughter, but we know the agony of attempting to deal with a D.A. who only appears to want to "PAD" his conviction rate. Probably the most positive aspect of our trips to Reading was in meeting the wonderful people from Years of Tears who gave support, and most importantly the feeling that we were not outsiders. Reading is lucky to have an organization such as Years of Tears and unlucky to have a justice sustem(?) that seems to feel that the surving victims of homicide do not count.

God bless you!!!!!

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Don Stormer 5/22/2011 3:02 pm EDT
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