Subject: DAQ help: using USB-9162 (NI-9215 with BNC)
Author: hasan
Date:   8/19/2011 2:36 am EDT

I am using the NI product ADC (NI 9215 with BNC, High speed USB carrier Ni USB 9162) for acquisition of analog signal using LabView and after that the signals are written into a text file.

At the moment.I have generate the signal using function generator and passing through the ADC using LabView.

The problem is, after acquiring the signal through ADC the amplitude is getting very much much higher!!!!

Could you please advise me how to solve this problem????


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 DAQ help: using USB-9162 (NI-9215 with BNC)  new  
hasan 8/19/2011 2:36 am EDT
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