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 Subject: Foot pain: stress fracture?
Author: Taya
Date:   11/21/2009 3:54 pm PDT
I am a 20 year old ballet dancer who dances several hours every day. Yesterday I had a day off and was choreographing a bit of ballet in my living room. I didn't exert myself much, nor did I do anything to agitate my foot. But suddenly I realized my left foot was hurting. I went to bed, and when I went to dance class this morning, the pain was still present and prevented me from doing everything. I performed on it today, but now I'm starting to think something is actually wrong.

There isn't much pain when I'm resting (sometimes there's a dull pain on the top of my foot). It feels worse when I have weight on it and I begin to releve (lifting up the heel to balance on the ball of the foot) or if I have no weight on it and begin to point my foot. I feel such an intense pain (it's hard to localize, but it's in the metatarsal area) that I have to immediately get the weight off of it. It then continues to hurt for a few minutes before fading to an ache. In class, I was unable to push off the foot into a turn, to jump, and it's beginning to hurt when I stand on it with it turned out.

I know I should see a doctor, and will in a few days if the pain isn't gone, but could I have a stress fracture? Also, there isn't any swelling or redness that I know of. And sometimes it seems as though the pain is radiating deep into my foot and into my toes. Help?
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 Foot pain: stress fracture?  new  
Taya 11/21/2009 3:54 pm PDT
 RE: Foot pain: stress fracture?   new  
Chris Dukarski ,PT 2/6/2010 2:31 pm PDT
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