Subject: Hello Tom Brett from Tom Brett
Author: Tom Brett
Date:   1/21/2015 2:05 pm EDT
Hello Tom from your same named fellow entertainer Tom Brett. We have communicated before about my family who performs in Branson Missouri, now going on our 17th season. Just thought I'd reach out and say hello and see what you are up to.

I'd love you to check out what we're doing at our new web site, We had a wonderful 2014 and much is changing for us in 2015.

A couple questions for you. Do you earn your entire living doing music? If not what else do you do? Where can I listen to some of your music/ Also, if you're in your 40th year in America, I must assume you come from Ireland? is that true and are there a lot of Bretts over there.

God's speed to you and keep the name of Tom Brett doing good around the world!!! Take good care - Tom
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