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 Subject: Ovulated through lupron double dose
Author: CK
Date:   3/23/2012 9:35 pm EDT
My last period was feb 11 and we started the BCP on day three. Started lupron on the 21st of feb. when going for BW and ultrasound, drs found that I was growing follicles on my own so they doubled my dose of lupron. After more monitoring, they found my follicles continued to grow to 18 and decided to stop this ivf cycle and injections on march 3.

On march 11, I had a full flow of period, such a flow that I needed a tampon. The next day, nothing., not even staining. March 11 would have been around the time I would have got my period normally without injections. I am very regular, like to the hour, and wondering what that was. Tmi but it was different because the blood was accompanied by a lot of egg white cervical mucus.

Still haven't gotten my period since feb 11. When's the latest my period could hold out till? And could I be pregnant? I'm afraid to take a pregnancy test because now that my cycle got messed up I don't know where I stand in my cycle, and if it's too erly to know.

Any advice would be great
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 Ovulated through lupron double dose  new  
CK 3/23/2012 9:35 pm EDT
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Keri L. Greenseid, MD 3/24/2012 8:24 am EDT
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