Subject: ? have you filled out a form
Author: Gary Schaefer
Date:   8/19/2020 6:41 pm CDT
? have you filled out a form if not go to http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/searchrequestform.html and scroll down too second yellow block fill the form out then we will post it on the web page and send a copy to all search angels for the birth state or birth country if not in the USA, Every state has angels listed to help the one's at top of search angel page that say all help in all states. Current G'S Individual Search Angel & Current G'S Team Search Angel Please fill out a form so the search angels can best help you.

We do all updates first then all-new posting in order that we receive them. we are working on posting forms that came in on 8-19-2020. We will send you an e-mail when we post your form, but it could take two or three weeks. Please fill out a form, we will get to it as soon as we can.

Introduction for Beginners and Newcomers page http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/beginnerstutorial.html

The difference between Individual or Team Search Angels page http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/individualorteamsearch.html
Search Angel Advice page http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/gssearchangeladvice.html
How The Search Teams Work page http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/howthesearchteamswork.html

G'S Request Form Instructions page http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/requestforminstructions.html

G'S Most Common Mistakes Made When Filling Out Form page http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/mostcommonmistakes.html

How To Update Your Form page http://www.gsadoptionregistry.com/howtoupdateyourform.html
? any DNA testing yet

We recommend to adoptees that they do the autosomal DNA test with all three major testing companies (Ancestry, FTDNA, and 23andMe). Start with Ancestry as they now have over 5 to 6 million customers tested. Fishing in all three DNA company ponds gives those searching the best chance for receiving a closer match with a biological relative.

If male, they should also do the Y-DNA 37 marker test with FTDNA as it sometimes leads to the identity of the paternal surname.

Most birth fathers in adoptions are not on any birth certificates or records of adoption or if one is listed many times it is not the real birth father so DNA testing is the best way to find a birth father.
Thanks and Good Luck Gary Schaefer
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