Subject: Looking for my grandmother
Author: Thomas Shafer
Date:   9/9/2020 4:46 pm CDT
hello my name is Thomas Shafer I am looking for my grandmother. My mothers adopted name was Susan Shafer she was born October 18th 1963 in New York I do not know which hospital.Her father's adopted name was David Shafer and I do not know any information on her parents at all. I just know that she was born on October 18th 1963 in New York and that's it. So if anybody had a child in October of 1963 in New York a girl and gave them up please reach out to me I may be the person you are looking for thank you.tshafer1127@gmail.com
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 Looking for my grandmother  new  
Thomas Shafer 9/9/2020 4:46 pm CDT
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