Subject: Jesus is risen!
Author: Claire Towle
Date:   4/16/2017 10:02 pm 
Today is possibly the most important day in the world, the day the Jesus rose from the dead. Many people feel that Christmas is the most important day but without the resurrection, Jesusís birthday has no real significance. Everything He did would be for naught if he did not fulfill the Old Testament prophecies by rising from the dead. This act of raising himself from the dead truly shows that Jesus is the Son of God sent to the world to die for our sins so that we might have eternal life in Heaven.

During his time that Jesus was in the tomb, he was not lying there but was, in fact, wreaking havoc all throughout Hell. He descended into Hell in order to free all those who were trapped by death and to allow them to enter the City of God where they are able to praise God for all eternity. This is why we, as Catholics, do not believe that when we die that is all because Jesus defeated death. When a person dies an Earthly death, that same person is not truly dead because they have life eternal with Jesus.

During this Easter time, let us rejoice and be glad because we have life after death as well as the opportunity to spend all of eternity with the One who created us and the One who loves us so much that He sent is only Son to die for our sins and to allow us to live forever.
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Claire Towle 4/16/2017 10:02 pm 
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