Subject: Worship or Veneration?
Author: Claire Towle
Date:   5/7/2017 3:15 am 
As we begin the month of May, we also begin the month dedicated to our Blessed Mother. This month was consecrated to Mary to inspire more devotion to her and also because she has many feast days that occur during this month.

One question that many non-Catholics will always ask is why do we worship Mary and the Saints. This is a trick question because as Catholics we only worship God, but we venerate the saints and Mary. Veneration means to give great respect or reverence, and so when we pray to a saint or to Mary, we are showing them great respect by acknowledging that they are in heaven adoring God for all eternity.

The Church believes that since these holy people are forever praising God that God gives them the ability to hear our prayer and to make intercession for us. So when we pray to Mary or to the saints, not only are we showing great respect for these people but also great trust in them when we pray to them to intercede for us to the Father. This is no different than asking a neighbor or friend to pray for you, and it has the added bonus of having such a holy person to pray for you in heaven.
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Claire Towle 5/7/2017 3:15 am 
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