Subject:  adopted dau about 1946-47
Author: Stephanie Cornelius Mathews
Date:   7/14/2020 5:49 pm CDT
HI, I am looking for my half sister. My father- Eugene Cornelius- was 16 and his gf got pregnant in highschool. He left for the army. I was told she was given up for adoption, dad wouldnt even tell me the mothers name. They lived in the Monrovia/Pasadena area of California. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  adopted dau about 1946-47  new  
Stephanie Cornelius Mathews 7/14/2020 5:49 pm CDT
 RE: adopted dau about 1946-47   new  
Barbara Ryan 9/9/2020 9:16 pm CDT
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