Subject:  Old Huguenot Burying Ground.
Author: Shari Barnes
Date:   2/7/2010 1:10 am EDT
I found this while looking for our family's burial sites ...

"Established in 1693 on farmland donated by Louis Borgrand, this cemetery was originally located at the corner of Division Street and Union Avenue. Bodies and markers were removed in 1956 due to construction of the New Haven-New York Railroad and the New England Thruway, and were relocated to the grounds of Trinity-St. Paul's Episcopal Church. It is estimated that 400 individuals of Huguenot descent, along with members of the Siwanoy Indian tribe, were interred in the original cemetery. Trinity Churchyard includes memorial markers to the unidentified individuals who were moved there."

Do you have any information or pictures of the moved burial sites and their markers?

Thank You,

Shari Barnes
St Helens
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Shari Barnes 2/7/2010 1:10 am EDT
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