Subject: RE: General Comment
Author: Christie Grizzle
Date:   3/19/2018 3:45 pm CDT
I wanted to see if you have a sales person that would be willing to meet me at one of our new developments (Office building) in Allen. We had the Allen HS Art Students participate in an art contest and the winners art will be hung in the lobby / lounge area of the building. Each of the winning students werenít responsible for framing their art piece. As the developer we are framing each piece. However, we would like for a professional framer to tour the 1st floor with me to see the interior Ė walls, colors, and art hung temporarily in itís soon to be permanent place. With an expert eye we were hoping that someone could suggest the type of frame for each piece that goes best with the furniture, wall, colors, etc.

Please advise if you would be willing to meet me at the office building at 900 West Bethany Drive, Allen, Texas some afternoon this week.

Gary wrote:
We set up this message board for you to provide feedback on your visit to Framing MemorEze and your custom framing experience.
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