Subject: RE: anne wingfield mar. john echingham
Author: Jocelyn James Rhys Wingfield
Date:   9/14/2013 1:48 pm EDT
Dear Ann,
Ann Wingfield, the eldest daughter of Sir John Wingfield of Letherigham & his wife Dame Elizabeth Wingfield nee FitzLewis. She married Sir John Echingham. [Records, p.238, W. Muniments, pp.5, 21, 22]. Her husband's arms impaling hers are to be seen in East Harling Church, Suffolk. Sir Humphrey Wingfield was her brother.

The WFS has a colored picture of her in a large family group painted ca. 1600. If you join the Wingfield Family Society you will be able to get at this picture and indeed purchase your own copy cheaply It is not available to non-members. It's lovely! We'd love to have you join.
Please find details at . Our membership Member is Mary Wingfield at .
I am sure you will understand that us unpaid volunteers can only find the time for a brief note like this to non-members, but if you join we can help further and you evan purchase the two references mentioned above. P{lease note that we are a non-profit organisation. Do join.
Best wishes
Jocelyn Wingfield
WFS International VP & Historian
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