Subject: Origins
Author: Stan Cameron
Date:   2/15/2015 2:44 am EDT
I am a confused person. In studying my ancestry I have a small booklet published by my relatives many years ago with the names "Bruton, Bulloch, Collar, Dunwody, Hester, Jackson, Nichols, Peabody, Robson" on the cover with no other indications. It is a booklet of drawings and pictures of my relatives to include the presidents Roosevelt family. Why am I puzzled? On the very last page is a coat of arms for "Wingfield" which is very similar but not identical to the one on your Website; the center shield is identical. So, I ask does anyone know why Wingfield is so prominently displayed among my relatives.

I am Scottish by ancestry and my roots trace back to Scotland and England. Archibald Bulloch (1730-1777) was a leader in Georgia and the Revolutionary War. Are his descendants related to Wingfield. I'm groping for a connection.

If anyone is seriously interested I can send you a copy of the booklet.

Thank you,
Stan Cameron
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